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EasyCare KeyCare provides key replacement and 24/7 emergency assistance, protecting you and your family from being locked out of your car or home. With KeyCare, you receive the following benefits:

  • Replacement Coverage – EasyCare picks up the cost of replacing lost, stolen, or inoperable keys/fobs, including home or other keys.
  • 24 Hour Lock Out Assistance – Call the 24/7 toll-free number and someone will come out to unlock your car or home.
  • Recovery Protection – With KeyCare, you’ll receive a key tag with your EasyCare member number and postage-paid return address. Anyone who finds your keys can drop them in a mailbox for return to the secure KeyCare Return Center.
  • Taxi, Loaner, Towing and Driver’s Valet Assistance – If replacement keys can’t be made at the lock-out location, KeyCare will provide you with a taxi or rental car, and even towing coverage.

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