Sky Monitor GPS – Asset Tracking

New Wireless, Battery Operated, Thinnest Device Powered By Disruptive GPS Technology With Motion Sensor!

It is time for innovation in asset monitoring, locating & retrieval devices. We are now offering a device that is the size of a credit card and only 1/2 inch thick, weighing less than 2 ounces. It includes a motion sensor, GPS pinpoint locating and cellular indoor & outdoor locating. All this is accompanied by a new generation battery that lasts up to 4 plus years depending on the power modes used. In addition, it is a wireless solution that eliminates installation costs.

Super quick installation, throw it in and go!  The device has various physical aspects that make it useful for many business applications. For example, its size allows it to be placed almost anywhere, like in backpacks for family members, motorcycles and medical equipment.  It is so small that it can be disguised and placed even in something as small as a candy box. And it does not have wires that may alert thieves of the device or make it possible to physically disconnect the device access.

It is perfect for stored vehicles such as motorhomes and trailers because it doesn’t need an outlet-based power source and is operated by batteries that do not need to be charged frequently. It is powered by a NEW disruptive wireless technology that allows you to locate indoors, inside buildings, inside metal commercial vehicles. There are zero monthly fees as the pricing includes 2 or 3 years of service. And you do not have to worry about crossing borders as it works seamlessly across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

How It Works

Our technology is powered by world-class GPS technology leader Polte and is manufactured by Passtime. We combine the best of both worlds to bring to you an innovative GPS solution that will revolutionize the world of tracking applications.

Polte’s patented Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC) technology enables us to deliver a unique location solution with enhanced accessibility. It enables more businesses to track greater quantities of a wider range of assets. Polte’s technology can position cellular-connected devices anywhere globally, on any NB-IoT, Cat-M, LTE or 5G network, in various wide and local area environments.

Following Polte IoT Cloud (PIC) account creation and setup with assistance from our support team, the user will attach the Powered by Polte device(s) to the appropriate assets.

1. No additional infrastructure is needed. Each device collects information from surrounding cellular infrastructure – even if it is indoors, inside a vehicle, or enclosed in a package, without a dependency on carriers.

2. The device then compresses and sends a small data packet to the PIC, offloading complexity from the edge to the cloud rather than taking a hit on the battery drain or exposing the device to security risks. In addition, because the location isn’t calculated on the Powered by Polte device itself, it is left less susceptible to common device-based attacks than those relying on GPS or Wi-Fi. 

3. The PIC calculates location using patented super resolution-based algorithms in real-time, within the Polte LMF (Location Management Function). With more than a decade of working through perfecting our algorithms and mitigating multi-path issues, this aspect is the core of what we do.

4. The user can access their asset’s location, management controls, notifications and more either through the PIC or easily integrated with another third-party interface. Polte provides cellular continuity to seamlessly track an asset with high precision wherever needed on the warehouse or factory floor. After it leaves the building, it provides uninterrupted visibility over the wide area network as it is transported to its next destination.

Using a unique “edge to cloud” architecture, the Polte Location API enables both the most secure and accurate cellular location possible.


Credit Card Sized

Its small size makes it easy to hide the device anywhere or conceal it in plain sight conveniently.

1/2 Inch Thick

Its thin size allows it to be placed in many more places, making it a very useful tracker in even non-traditional industries and applications.

Motion Sensor

A built-in motion sensor sends an email notification if the item being tracked is moved.

Weighs Less Than 2 Ounces

Light weight of the device keeps the shipping cost low and inexpensive.

Up to 4+ Years Battery Life

The device operates on Lithium Manganese Dioxide FLAT battery which is a new battery technology with longer life.

4G & 5G Cell-tower Locations

Our technology leverages 4G and 5G cell towers for location, allowing you to locate in places beyond GPS.


Track vehicles, assets and property whenever they are moved. Assist in stolen vehicle and carjacking recovery.

Available in North America

This is CAT M1 technology combined with 4G & 5G cell towers hence it is available in only in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

4 Power Modes to Extend Battery Life

With multiple power modes it is easier to control the battery usage.

2 Devices in One. Wireless or Wired

Why order 2 different devices? Our single device can be wireless or wired.

IP64 & IP67 Available

Want a waterproof device? Just put our IP64 inside or IP67 HD casing.

Not Activated Until Retailed

Can be activated by end user and can be turned off if put back in inventory.

Where To Use

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